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"With love to France" in a glossy magazine "TOP STYLE"

Road sketches "With love for France", made while artist' traveling in France were published in a glossy magazine "TOP STYLE".

"True Happiness  comes from the joy of deeds well done,
the zest of creating things new"

These immortal words of Antoine de Saint Exupery's begin road sketches of Stanislav Voronov devoted to France, published a respectable magazine "TOP STYLE"
In the summer issue (№ 8 / 2010) of the magazine "TOP STYLE" under "PICTURE GALLERY" published  article by Stanislav Voronov-story of his travels in France. 

Many thanks to editorial offices, the chief editor Natalia Yakovleva, deputy editor of Hope Suslova for your cooperation.

You can read an article on this LINK

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