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Pictures in interior

When purchasing a painting, selecting pictures, the interior design we have to deal with some questions: where to buy, how to draw a frame, how to choose a picture to the interior? We want to give you some helpful tips that can be useful in this case.


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Making pictures in a suitable frame is very important. Painting without a frame that Cinderella without a ball gown! Successfully matched frame can make a "masterpiece" even the most an ordinary job, and, conversely, poor design can ruin the impression of a beautiful work. It should be noted that a good designer prints can not be cheap. As the experience of our picture, the cost of design work can range from 10 to 20% of the value of the painting. For competent design works of art requires some knowledge of the subtle taste and design experience. Unfortunately, most experts baguette shops, neither of the others do not, therefore, rely on their taste is not worth it.  

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It is important to know the very few mandatory rules. Here they are:
- Prints selected for the painting, not the decor or furniture;
- Small paintings are usually executed in a wide moldings;
- Frames should be combined with the picture in color and be on the floor tones darker or lighter on the predominant color of the picture;
- It is important to consider what style to paint a picture (for example, avant-garde art can not make out a baguette with stucco, etc.);
- When you make watercolors and graphic works to mount the lower edge of the mat should be wider than the sides and top.

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Attention is drawn to mount pictures to the frame. In some baguette shops simply nailed to the frame stretchers. Such a "barbaric" way of fixing makes it almost impossible to replace one frame to another without damage. Must warn experts workshop on how to mount using special fasteners.


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In the selection of paintings for the interior must also be guided by a set of rules, namely:
- In a large room is unlikely to look a little painting and, conversely, the big picture in a small room is almost impossible to consider as a whole;
- To host multiple pictures on one wall is necessary to choose their style and hang in a certain order;
- At registration of the premises is necessary to consider their purpose (for example, is hardly appropriate to place the vegetable still lives in the bedroom);
- The picture should not be exposed to direct sunlight;
- Use special spotlights fitted in the ceiling or walls, miraculously transforms the painting focuses attention on them and never superfluous;
- Narrative paintings and landscapes are so-called "entry points" into the picture, ie sequence of visual perception of the plot or the composition, so it is important to take this into account and have the picture so that the eye can easily slide on the picture. 

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But even knowing all of the above rules of design patterns and the interior is no guarantee of success, so we offer the services of specialists in our gallery, which will help you find the perfect picture to your interior and place it in an exclusive frame.

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