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General's picturesque bridges


If historians are still arguing whether the painter Aivazovsky admiral, the admirers of Stanislav Voronov, who was born in Alikovsky area, just know that this artist has a rank of lieutenant-general, he is the former head of the FSB of Chuvashia, and in 2001 participated in election campaign for President of the Republic. So more attention to the picturesque exhibition lawyer who has chosen to express themselves more and impressionism, is understandable.
 His exhibition, opened at the Chuvash Art Museum, Voronov called "Bridges", explaining that the pictures connect times, events, countries, peoples and individuals. However, the author cherishes the image from his childhood that he spent in the Chuvash village. The village was split sleeves huge pond a few streets that have been reported between a cable-stayed bridge. Therefore, the territory of childhood, the artist dubbed the Venice of the countryside and depicted in one of his best works, where it is and do a separate continent in the surrounding ocean. Inevitably the question arises, as the generals are the artists, the author of the exhibition ahead of the story that has always, since he can remember, drawing, and at school and at Kazan University has traditionally consisted of an artist in the wall newspaper. However, the idea of ??painting a country boy was formed under the influence of Impressionism as the French and Russian. For example, he was just fascinated by the landscapes of Monet. Even in a place specially visited Giverny, where the genius created to pay tribute to the idol. So the theme of France, Paris, the exhibition is also not in last place.
 Living and working in Moscow today Voronov brought more than eighty works, which were placed in four rooms. Lieutenant-General has not received professional art education, his first teacher was a teacher of drawing at the village school, and already an adult, "put his hand" artist Raissa Teryukalova. But it appeared a decade ago at the exhibitions of work at once attracted attention. After all, guided by the ideology of impressionism - made an impression on the viewer brightness, freedom and freshness of the paint. And now his paintings are in many private collections. He even managed to win the Grand Prix at the International Assembly of Art Russian ArtWeek - 2010.
 He gathered friends and on the opening day of a general holiday took the leadership, which had long dreamed of in their own hands. After the head of the republic, Mikhail Ignatiev, who admitted that he saw "a very different Voronova," came to the microphone honorary citizen of Cheboksary, Chuvashia, the former head of Ilya Prokopiev, telling the public about the responsibility and reliability of this man. Muse has become a holiday in August Ulyandina singer once worked in his campaign headquarters. Gratitude was presented by a representative artist of the Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli, President of the Union of Artists and the Moscow region, Alexander Beglov presented a gold medal and the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. We must pay tribute to the modesty of the exhibitor, he almost did not talk about yourself, and represented and represented friends, praising their virtues. Circle of Friends proved to be quite colorful. Not all of them, the patrons of such meetings in general and in particular the opening days may long to listen to praise others. But everything went and patiently studied the canvas. Even if it is unprofessional, but attentive to the artist's life. And this must be counted among the victory of lieutenant-general, among the works which have already appeared and Afghan themes to which he was a long time after the service in this country could not touch.


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