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Brave art

What qualities should one have to become an artist? Many will say, a sense of harmony, the ability to draw, the ability to see color and light ... This is the case. But to dare them to become more and requires courage. It is this quality noted national artist in painting, Raisa Teryukalova member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists and the Artists' Union of Moscow Stanislav Voronov, anniversary exhibition of paintings that opened at the Chuvash State Art Museum.

Stanislav Voronov recognizes that drew from his childhood in pencil and watercolor, but he graduated from Kazan State University and became a lawyer, worked in the Prosecutor's Office, Public Security, Lieutenant-General.
However, the urge to draw over the years has become stronger. Taking seriously the hands of one color, Stanislav Voronov is a real artist, author of notable Russian and international exhibitions. Without the academic school letters, he relies on instinct for harmony, composition, and wait in line uses the color is quite accurate: after all these qualities are given to man by nature. Perhaps this is because the author of the exhibition is not burdened with academic knowledge, it is freely and easily causes strokes on the canvas, and mixes the most incredible colors. Perhaps here the freedom and liberty? I want to and can! Special liberty is felt in the hands of graphic artist, and this - the basis of skill.Had on the artist's influence and his favorite French and Russian Impressionists. But the author, in spite of these biases, found his own style, his subject.Stanislav Voronov was born in a small village Alikovsky Chuvashia region and the first drawing lessons received from the school teacher of drawing. Favorite countryside, close and native people, of which the artist always speaks with warmth and love, reflected in his paintings and, of course, always have a place in the heart of the Stanislaw Voronov.
Another feature distinguishes exhibition of paintings by Voronov - modernity and success. Contrary to popular belief that the artist must be hungry, both Ravens demonstrates a high level of creativity and commercial appeal of his work. It is no accident of his paintings adorn private collections in Russia, Belarus, Germany, France, UAE, Ukraine and other countries. All paintings and graphic sheets decorated with dignity and taste, the exhibition is accompanied by posters, flyers and posters in the beautiful printing design, the opening of the exhibition and catalog released an album of the author. The author went to his first show at home with a deep respect for the audience, showed a high level of supply of his work. Causes admiration and respect not only his skill but also the ability to keep pace with the times, comply with it.
By acceding to the wishes of the many creative successes, I wish the author is also inexhaustible inspiration, new exhibitions, and the courage and talent, he does not hold.

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