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A colorful journey into history

"Torzhok. There is something very beautiful and the Russian in the name of this town. The fact that he is a very ancient and attractive to tourists I knew a long time. But as they say, better to see once than many times to hear and read. So my next plein air travel - in this town.

 We go to the federal highway M10. On the journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg says a lot, so do not dwell on it. We will only say that the 200 km from Moscow to Torzhok we drove in four and a half hours. We have pre-booked a room in a small hotel, which was a pleasant surprise affordable reasonable prices and modern European comfort.

The first impression of the city is fully justified our expectations. The town is very picturesque with lots of temples. Tvertsa River, which flows through the city, with bridges and overgrown with green banks, has a pedestrian walks. There are many historical monuments, among which are the Monastery of Sts, Archangel Michael (the Annunciation) Cathedral, Transfiguration Cathedral Lord's Entry into Jerusalem. Particularly impressed by its grandeur produces an ensemble of the Monastery of Sts, proudly towering over Tvertsa.

 Many wonderful places in the vicinity of Torzhok. One of them, at 3-4 km from the city - Vasilevo estate - architectural and artistic ensemble of the late eighteenth - early nineteenth centuries. There remained a large boulder bridge, popularly referred to as still as "Devil's Bridge", created by a genius architect NA Lvov. Other outstanding of its creation - the manor "Znamenskoye-Rusk," is located 25 km from the city. It was conceived and planned as a place where the royal ladies and the rest on the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow. The complex gives the impression of its unique architectural design as the Colosseum.

 Unfortunately, many historical monuments are in poor condition and require restoration. It should be noted also that the federal highway virtually no signs of travel to the attractions of Tver land. For many travelers, following on the busy highway, they could become an attractive landmark to stop.

The two-day trip to the ancient town of Torzhok completed. My acquaintance with him was a real discovery for me. During morning and evening open airs, I wrote six studies that reflect the unique beauty of these places. "
Stanislav Voronov, June 2012

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2012-07-01 13:04:16 ::: Семенов Владимир
Увидел в глазах художника взгляд охотника. Сам охотник, это говорит о любви художника к процессу. Желаю художнику не терять этот взгляд и новых мест для художественной охоты. Просмотрел галерею, очень нравятся пейзажи
2012-06-28 12:32:15 ::: Ирина
Хочется пролистывать эту новость снова и снова! Красота да и только! Каждый раз, заглядывая на Ваш сайт, Станислав, я делаю для себя открытие чего-то нового. Удивительная у Вас галерея! Два пленэра восхитительны, я так понимаю, будет продолжение/Вдохновения Вам и солнца!
2012-06-28 09:52:41 ::: Валентина
Шикарный материал, получила необыкновенный заряд на весь день. Величайшая красота нашей природы так блестяще отраженная в картинах и фотографиях художника. Спасибо!
2012-06-27 13:49:57 ::: Костомар Сергей
Станислав, Ваше творчество, точнее Ваш подход к нему заслуживают особого внимания. Вы прославляете не только искусство, но и Россию. Хочу пожелать Вам творческого долголетия и пригласить Вас приехать на пленер в Коломну. Буду рад организовать Вам прием.