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Crimean open air of Stanislav Voronov

Recently Stanislav Voronov visited the great Ukrainian resort of Crimea

The magnificence of the landscape, long history, sea, sun .... In short, here is everything you need for recreation and creativity. During the week-long trip the artist traveled to South Coast of Crimea from Sevastopol to Feodosiya. Here, truly, autumn season is a true feast of colors and enchantment. Despite the difficulty of transporting oil paintings, Stanislav painted several studies picturesque corners of the Crimea. And, of course, brought an interesting collection of photographs and impressions that will form the basis for future paintings

".... I have long dreamed of visiting the Crimea. And nearly 1,700 miles behind the Crimea meets us beautiful weather, vibrant nature of the early fall and still warm sea. Well, we are on the car and mobile. We can move a lot and have time to explore the basic attractions of the Crimean coast. And there"s something to watch: This is the Genoese fortress and the New World in Sudak, Feodosia Museum of Aivazovsky, the promenade and the Bay of Balaclava, beautiful with a beautiful old Foros temple on top of high mountains and, of course, the amazing beauty of Sevastopol. The main purpose of our trip - it"s new experiences and open-air. I painted some sketches by oil and made a sufficient number of pencil sketches. I bring to your attention a little photo essay about the Crimea and my open-air sketches. I hope they will like you, and you also want to visit the Crimea. Have a nice journey, friends!"
Stanislav Voronov
September 2011

Crimean sketches

photos of his trip to Crimea

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