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Roads of ancestors

The exhibition is a logical continuation of the great artistic rethinking of the historical past of the Chuvash people, undertaken by the artist in recent years. Several major exhibitions, entitled "On the Bulgarians with passion" on the subject, held in 2013-14. In the Central House of Artists in Moscow, the Moscow House of Nationalities, the Chuvash National Art Gallery in Cheboksary.The current exhibition "Roads of Ancestors", is related to the historical places of stay ancestors of the Chuvash people. Altai Mountains is the historical birthplace of many Turkic peoples who for centuries for various reasons, have migrated from northern China to the west. Among them were protobolgarskie tribes, leaving traces of their stay. In the traditions, way of life, culture and language of the Altai peoples can find a lot in common with the Chuvash.Crimea in VII-IX centuries, and was inhabited by tribes related to us. It is here in the VII century there was the first Bulgarian state - the Great Bulgaria, later served as the basis for creating the other two Bulgarian states: Danube Bulgaria and Volga Bulgaria. Heirs of the Volga Bulgaria are already Chuvash.It would seem that what modern people go into such ancient times? What is the purpose of the artist, trying to artistically tell the story? As far as may be of interest to those working contemporaries?On all these issues the artist answers simple and accessible language of colors, convey the beauty of the nature of the Altai and Crimea, the customs and traditions of indigenous peoples. It is as if takes us into the distant past of his ancestors, who once lived in these places, and complements the history of the Chuvash people new bright artistic images.

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