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December 22, 2013
Closing of the exhibition in the city of Cheboksary

December 22, culture and exhibition center "Raduga" closing solo exhibition was held Stanislav Voronov "On the Bulgars with passion ." With a culture of the Chuvash people through creativity Stanislav Voronov got acquainted 8467 people , including guests from Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Moscow, Kozmodemjansk . Of particular interest the exhibition provoked the students and students who are familiar with and deepen their knowledge of the national costume , distinctive traditions and holidays, the history of the Chuvash people . Teachers noted the importance of this subject , " tour " On Bulgars with prejudice " substantially increased knowledge and understanding of learning about the culture of the Chuvash people , enrich their inner world ."

The exhibition was visited 58 students of educational institutions of the Republic , including Kozlowski , Morgaushskiy , Cheboksary , Urmarsky , Tsivilsky , Krasnochetaysky districts , associations of teachers of geography and mathematics schools Cheboksary, teacher of biology and ecology of schools .

With great interest, visited the exhibition special children - pupils Republican rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with disabilities, correctional schools for the hearing impaired and kindergartens, centers for social rehabilitation of minors . Colorful national costumes , sunny rural landscapes , holiday Akatui provocative portrait of outstanding actress Vera Kuzmina left an indelible impression in the hearts of children.

In addition, the doctor of historical sciences , Professor Gennady Tafaev gave a lecture "On the historical context of the exhibition of paintings by Stanislav Voronov " for the Veterans Council of the Tractor Factory .

The final chord was the premiere of the exhibition : Academic Chamber Choir under the direction of Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic of Nina Pirogova performed cycle " Slakbashskie songs " in the treatment of Fyodor Vasilyev .

The concert Svetlana Grigorieva , teacher Cheboksarskaya Music School . SMMaximova, introduced the audience to the work of a talented composer Chuvash F. Vasiliev and the story of creation " Slakbashskih songs." The name F. Vasilevasvyazano appearance of the first national opera repertoire " Shyvyrman " and the ballet " Sarpige ."Source " Slakbashskih songs " were Chuvash tunes recorded by the composer at home KV Ivanova in the village Slakbash Bashkortostan. Of the 59 he treated six favorite tunes poet. This work was very popular among listeners Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod , Cheboksary, recorded on the plate , filmed concert , the composer was awarded the State Prize. Ivanov .

The audience appreciated the cycle " Slakbashskie songs " in the treatment of F. Vasiliev in brilliant Chamber Choir . Cycle is a harmonious composition of contrasting pieces , where the slow sections written in the genre of round dance and weeping bride , interspersed with fast - game round dance songs.

In " Uram aykkipelle IR " (" In the outskirts - cornflowers ") means the choir simulated sound of bagpipes " sh?p?r " and " c?rnay ", " Yuhat shyv?sem " (" Flowing River" ) - a percussion instrument " parappan ", " Lutrayah that Sheshko " ( " A short hazel ") - harmonic " kup?s hamlet ."

Nina Pirogov , Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, soloist and choir director , with special anguish performed weeping bride.

In " Asl? ul?hra Koekkoek av?tat " ( "Kol zakukuet cuckoo ") reproduced folk singing style round dance songs "Scream" and on the high notes in " Lutrayah that Sheshko " (" A short hazel ") conveys the atmosphere of gaming performance with songs and cheers clappinghands.

Spectators were able to feel the harmony of the two compounds Arts : melodic tunes and folk costumes artists harmoniously connected with female images created by Stanislav Voronov .

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