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September 2010.
Anniversary Exhibition Shchelkovo art gallery, Schelkovo

15 years Shchelkovo art gallery.

September 16 at the Art Gallery Shchelkovo ceremonial event on the15th anniversary of its formation. On the anniversary of the gallerycongratulated: the head of the municipal district Shchelkovsky AMGan, deputy head of the urban settlement Schelkovo IA Senin,deputies of the Moscow Regional Duma, AG Zvyagin and NNEremeytseva, Hero of the Russian cosmonaut, FN Yurchikhin, Lt. Gen.AA Karpychev, honorary citizen of the district Shchelkovsky LATverdokhlebov, executive secretary of the Union of Artists Elite EVLebedyansky and other distinguished guests and friends of the gallery.

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The exhibition includes two paintings of Stanislav Voronov "MountainRiver" and "Stone Bridge" (the island of Corsica)

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