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24 January - 23 February 2012
Exhibition of graphic art gallery in the Shchelkovo

In Shchelkovo Art Gallery opened an exhibition of graphics. The exhibition presents works by more than 35 contemporary Russian artists.

Stanislav Voronov introduced two drawings from the series "From the love of France" "The Bridges at Saint-Afrique" and "Carcassonne." Work written in 2009 during  artist's trip to the provinces of France 

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Paper, felt-tip pen, watercolor , 30х45, 2009
  "Bridges in Saint-Afrique"
Paper, felt-tip pen, watercolor , 30х45, 2009


We are grateful to the President of Union of Artists of the Moscow Region, Vice President of TLC Russia, Honored Artist of Russia Beglov AI for the invitation and the excellent organization of the exhibition.

The gallery address:
Shchelkovo Soviet 1st Lane, 3

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