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30 November - 20 January 2013 .
Exhibition "1150 years Rostov Veliky"

This year, our country celebrates the 1150th anniversary of the Russian state. The main events take place in the historic centers of the Russian state, Novgorod, Vladimir, Rostov the Great and other ancient cities. The event on November 30 in the exhibition halls of the Rostov Kremlin offers a large exhibition dedicated to the Russian state in 1150 and Rostov the Great. The exhibition features paintings by many Russian artists, including 20 works by Stanislav Voronov. This narrative compositions: "Thoughts", "first contact", landscapes, "Church of the Intercession on the Nerl," "Zlatoglavaya 'Corner old Serpukhov" and plein air works, written in Rostov Veliky, Uglich, Torzhok and Tarus. Exhibition runs until 20 January 2013. welcome to visit the ancient city of Rostov!

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